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Eight Digits of Pi

How I wish I could recollect pi easily today

Each word in the sentence corresponds to the digits of pi. The number of letters in each word equals the value of each digit of pi.
This is an old classic, and because it mentions both pi and the goal to remember, it may be easier to remember than most mnemonic devices for remembering the digits of pi.

Contributed by:
Jim Hall

Nine Digits of Pi

May I have a large container of orange juice?

Remember the first 9 digits of pi by counting the number of letters in each word in this sentence. Each word represents one digit of pi:

May -- 3.
I -- 1
Have -- 4
A -- 1
Large -- 5
Container -- 9
Of -- 2
Orange -- 6
Juice -- 5

Contributed by:
K. Morewood
Mathematics & Computer Science
Burnaby South Secondary School, Beautiful British Columbia (Canada)

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